IMFS 2022 SN 127
24 Oct

Innovations & Euregio for Mobility

Innovative Mobililty for Future Salzburg

IMFS 2022

The sec­ond instal­ment of the IMFS, short for Inno­v­a­tive Mobil­i­ty for Future Salzburg, took place last Fri­day, 14th Octo­ber, thanks to the event organ­is­er Salzburg­er Nachrichten. 

The obvi­ous loca­tion of choice was Salzbur­gring again where the exhib­it­ed vehi­cles could be test­ed on the race track of 4.2km straight away. The pit lane and track itself was in con­stant use for cars as well as com­mu­nal vehi­cles and busses whilst e‑bikes and scoot­ers could be tried out in the pad­dock. Ful­ly elec­tric busses act­ed as shut­tles between the park­ing area and the exhibitions. 
IMFS 2022 SN 38

The exhi­bi­tion and test dri­ves were sup­ple­ment­ed with keynote speech­es and podi­um dis­cus­sions of renowned experts — from inno­v­a­tive start ups with their world-pre­mier­ing new tech­nolo­gies to politi­cians, emer­gency ser­vices and more. In a sep­a­rate mar­quee, inno­v­a­tive start-ups were able to demon­strate their new tech­nolo­gies and hardware.

A spe­cial high­light was also that lead­ers from the whole EURE­GIO Region could be wel­comed this year. With the sched­uled meet­ing impor­tant com­mu­nal trans­port issues could be dis­cussed along­side best practice. 

Togeth­er with the Salzburg­er Verkehrstage” (“Salzburg traf­fic days”) the IMFS is a key high­light in this future-ori­ent­ed theme week for mobility.

Special magazine to read here (German only)

IMFS 2022

IMFS - Innovative Mobility for Future Salzburg - Hier zur Beilage der Fachmesse für Mobilität am

IMFS 2022 SN 50

For those who could not attend this year, take a look at the action on www​.imfs​.at. Some of the keynote speech­es and dis­cus­sions can be viewed on demand”.

RTS TV Report

Mobilitäts-Event mit Weltpremiere - RTS Regional TV Salzburg

Beim B2B Event „Innovative mobility for future" (IMFS) haben Hersteller von alternativ-angetriebenen Fahrzeugen, Anbieter von New-Mobility-Dienstleistungen und Startups ihre Neuheiten einem Fachpublikum präsentiert. Darunter war sogar eine aufsehenerregende Weltpremiere.